Membership recognition

In 2020 it was decided that members  receive certificates in recognition of their continued participation and membership of Women on Farms West Gippsland.

Although original membership records were sketchy and difficult to find, with the assistance of several current members a  list was formed.  Awards were given to members with 20 plus years and 25 or more years of membership.

25+ Year Awards

Noela Black

Margaret Gray

Nerida Hanlon

Marie Harding

Lyn Johnson

Evelyn Lillie

Lyn Link

Win Macreadie

Margaret Roots

Beryl Taylor

Rosa Wedmore

Heather Whee



20+ Year Awards

Lucia Andrews (20 yrs)

Winsome Anderson (24 yrs)

Anne Bambridge ( 21 yrs)

Joy Brand (24 yrs)

Lien Budis (20 yrs) 

Marjorie Cheese (21 yrs)

Maureen Cogo (21 yrs)

Jean Irvine (21 yrs)

Quentin OKeefe (21 yrs)

Meryl Reid (20 yrs)

Roslyn Spratt (21 yrs)

Hilary Steenholdt (24 yrs)

Carole Swindlehurst (21 yrs)

Joan Templar (21 yrs)

Jill Willoughby (21 yrs)